Thursday, 21 April 2011

Fairy God Mother- My friends..! Luv Em.

Sometimes in life I used to feel on how WIERD my life is, how Sad it is n how SICK it is..
But suddenly the Fairy god mother raised her wand upon me and everything changed.!!
There ws a day i used tok to 1 single friend n go to school at tymes when i dint wanna cause
she forced! My life had been one that any other normal girl would have but normal doesnt
work for me..I have to be special somewhere, sometime..

I just took that one risk.. I dint fall off, well just flew higher..<3
I've got friends who can kill someone if someone says somthing to me..!
No matter how much they tease me, its just that they are there when i need them &
Thats what matters..!

God does evrything for good..
Through this journey i learnt only one simple thing- SMILE

An now no one can ever tell me that i dont smile or i ever cr cause even in the worst situations i can laugh..!
Thnx to those special people in my life..
My friendss..

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